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Selecting outcome measures

Selecting the most appropriate outcome tools for oncology clinical trials can be a daunting task. However, our consultancy service has extensive experience in this field, having spent over two decades creating dozens of QOL measures.

In addition, Dr Bottomley can explain the strenghts and weakness of all different tools including the impact on appropriate sample size determination and interpritation of QOL data. With his expertise and knowledge, you can be assured that your QOL assessment will be conducted using the most appropriate measure and comply with all necessary regulations.

Of course, many important and successful measures are now used in clinical trials, such as the FACIT system, developed by one of the worlds leading PRO researchers, Dr Dave Cella. Numerous other valuable tools exist, that have been robusly developed, translated and validating over decades.  These include tools such as the the MDASI, a valuable symptom checklist, developed by the world leading symptom researcher, Pro. Charlie Cleeland. More recently, the PRO-CTCAE, tool has been developed by our eminate colloborator, Dr Ethan Batch. We are happy to provide advice on all measures that can be used. We appreciate that there are so many tools to look for, it is not always easy to decide what is the optimal tool for your trial. Contact us today to learn more about how our consultancy service can help you to select and use the most effective QOL measure for your oncology clinical trials.

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