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Welcome to our consultancy service, where we provide concierge services for designing clinical trials and studies where quality of life is the endpoint. Our founder, Dr. Andrew Bottomley, is an esteemed academic expert in the field, having spent 25 years designing measures and cancer clinical trials. He will personally undertake all major tasks to provide you with a highly personalized and specialized service.  

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Strategy planning

Dr. Bottomley has provided consultancy services to many companies looking to develop a clear strategy for patient-reported outcome assessment.

Protocol writing

We provide expertise in protocol writing where patient reported outcomes are critical secondary or primary endpoint in your trial

Literature reviews

We are a highly experienced and knowledgeable in conducting meta-analysis, systematic and non-systematic literature reviews, as well as targeted reviews.

Using item libraries

Item libraries are a valuable new resource in the development of new Quality of Life (QOL) tools for clinical trials.

Selecting outcome measures

Selecting the most appropriate outcome tools for oncology clinical trials can be a daunting task.

Analysis of clinical trials

The analysis of QOL is a field that has often been problematic, and noted in many publications as a major shortfall for the acceptance of QOL endpoints.

Education and training

We understand the importance education and training, for all staff


High-quality translations are essential in the development and use of patient-reported outcome measures in clinical trials.

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We are one of the highest graded company in United State. For any Kind of help please contact our 24/7 hotline call services. we are ready for you
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Major pharmaceutical company

I have enjoyed working with Andrew and like his passion…


Great insights into all aspects of PRO assessment made our project move along much faster

International grant funding body

Andrew gives a wonderful level of support and we will continue to collaborate in the future