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In the fiercely competitive world of scientific publishing, achieving excellence is not just a goal; it’s an imperative.

Welcome to our Publication Service, your gateway to ensuring your research findings soar to the pinnacle of success. We provide a unique service tailored specifically for PRO (Patient-Reported Outcomes) and QOL (Quality of Life) studies, a rarity in the industry. Our deep understanding of the distinct needs of journals and reviewers allows us to proactively address these challenges, saving you time and effort while streamlining the writing process. In essence, we offer you a high-quality concierge service.

Recognizing the frequent shortcomings in the quality of life (QOL) and patient-reported outcomes (PROs) within cancer clinical trials, we’ve extensively addressed this issue in our publications. Our findings, alongside other revelations highlighting subpar reporting standards in QOL clinical trials, emphasize the critical importance of meticulous publication crafted by experts in the PRO field.

Our Dedication to Excellence

At Bottomley Consulting Group, our commitment to upholding the highest publication standards is unwavering. We meticulously adhere to international guidelines, including the esteemed CONSORT PRO recommendations. Dr. Bottomley, a contributor to the development of these guidelines led by a world leading PRO researcher, Dr. Mel Calvert, continues to shape their evolution. These guidelines serve as a beacon of clarity, offering invaluable insights into the publication process for researchers. For a detailed understanding of these guidelines, explore our informative video. Additionally, we provide an online checklist to streamline the publication process further.

Your Success is Our Priority

We are dedicated to maximizing your manuscript’s potential to sail through peer review and secure a coveted spot in top-tier, high-impact factor journals. Your research deserves the global recognition it can achieve with our expertise.

Comprehensive Publication Services

Under the guidance of Dr. Bottomley, we offer a comprehensive range of publication services tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Manuscript Preparation: Crafting well-structured, polished manuscripts that accurately and effectively convey your research.

  • Editing: Fine-tuning your work to ensure impeccable language, clarity, and adherence to publication standards.

  • Scientific Review: Rigorously assessing the scientific content of your manuscript to enhance its quality and impact.

  • High-Impact Journal Submission: Navigating the intricate world of journal submissions to target prestigious, high-impact journals.

A Collaborative Approach

Your research is unique, and we understand the importance of preserving its integrity. We will work closely with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that your papers reflect your research accurately and comprehensively. We believe in the power of collaboration and value your input at every step.

Grant Writing Expertise

Need assistance with grant writing? We boast extensive experience in writing and revising grants, having prepared and supported grants for numerous funding bodies at national, EU (e.g., ERC), and international levels. Let us guide you through the steps, ensuring your grant is not only well-written but also founded on solid scientific principles and aligned with the latest insights into QOL and PRO evidence.

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Your journey to publication and grant writing success begins here. Reach out to us today to discover how we can empower you to prepare manuscripts that meet the highest publication standards in top-level journals.

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